Worship on the Streets – Stories from the Streets August 2020

Worship on the streets


Have you come across Worship on the Streets before? What an amazing ministry of taking God’s presence and love – taking the Sound of Heaven – to the streets of a town or City.

Here is a most encouraging extract from their latest newsletter, by leader, Aaron Shah:

With restrictions having lifted slightly last month, I’m really pleased to say that I have been able to go back out on to the streets to worship. We have gone back to North Shields a few times as well as returned to Northumberland where we continue to partner with some of the local churches there. As well as having some powerful times of worship where God’s presence and peace were clearly tangible, we have been so encouraged to see a massive increase in people taking away gospels each time. In fact on two occasions, we ran out of gospels to give away which has never happened before.

Read the entire newsletter by clicking here.

Maybe it’s time for us to take worship to the streets of our City or town?