Worship Creative – Beaulieu Community Centre – Sunday 24 Feb

From the Blog of St. Francis Community Church, Beaulieu, dated 4th February:

For the last two Sundays we’ve had a little experiment.

We set up various interactive installations in the community centre hall to help inspire prayer with a working title of “worship Creative” (needs work but it’ll do for now!)

A couple of us sat and sang in one corner to create a certain ambiance. People wandered the space, finding their own way, engaging with a bit of this and a bit of that…

Read more: stfrancisstory.wordpress.com/2019/02/04/worship-creative

Come along this Sunday, 24th February and experience Church, but not as you may know it!

Beaulieu Community Centre, Beaulieu Square, Centenary Way, Chelmsford CM1 6AU

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