When Churches become ‘The Church’ in a City

In the Bible, after Jesus ascended to Heaven and The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost the early Church is very much spoken of as, The Church in… a particular City, not the churches of…

Why then have we ended up with so many denominations, each with different traditions and doctrines!? A very good question… and one there will be no attempt to answer here!

Increasingly, across the UK you can see individual churches, inter-denominational para-church organisations working together, and Chelmsford is no exception. But is there something more?

What if the whole Christian community in our City, together ‘as one’, putting some of their own stuff aside, made a real focus on seeing The Kingdom of God come here, making Chelmsford so full of the expression of God’s love, joy and peace, that it would ripple from our City and out to our County and even to the Nation.

It’s happening in Teesside!


The website of Transforming Teesside Together  proclaims:

One church for Teesside
Transforming Teesside Together is a relational network of churches and christian organisations based here in Teesside. We are ONE Church, we have the same King, the same mission and we are placed here in the same land.

A recently announced project is called Serve Teesside, a partnership of local churches to bless their community:

It’s an opportunity for the church to be the church through practical acts of kindness and a massive display of unity. We are aiming to mobilise the Church of Teesside into completing 1000’s of hours of community action projects over June and July 2019!

Jesus loves Teesside and we want to show that love through a massive visible act of united serving.

Check out these promotional videos – imagine this is Chelmsford?