UK Coastal Prayer Chain – Sat 21st September 2019

Jen Gaskin, who lives in Chelmsford has just released details of a vision she has for a Prayer Chain around the UK coastline, to happen on Saturday 21st September 2019.

UK Costline Prayer Chain - front

Jen says:

“The Lord spoke to me sometime ago re: this mission. With all that is going on in our country I believe God is saying, ‘Now is the time‘.

I prayed and asked for a date and awoke one morning with 21st September on my mind. My first thought was ‘Is it a Saturday?’ A friend suggested looking up the relevance of this date. It is International Peace Day!

So far, all The Lord has shown me is for Christians to form a Prayer Chain at midday and declare The Lord’s Prayer in unison.

I am extending an invitation to you, your family, friends church or ministry to take part in this.

Please feel free to arrange worship and further prayer before of after midday. Let’s not forget that we are all part of God’s Spiritual Land Army.


Facebook: Coastline Prayer Chain

UK Costline Prayer Chain - rear