The Wall of Answered Prayer – the miracle of how they got the land

The Wall - location decal

Whilst we see many great things happening locally in our churches and communities, it is important and indeed encouraging to keep an eye the wider picture of what God is doing across the UK. So have you heard of the incredible vision to build in the West Midlands, in the centre of the UK, a major national landmark called, The Wall of Answered Prayer?

The design of The Wall has been decided and when constructed, it will be a place where the public can visit and using technology, have access to up to one million answered prayer, reminding all for potentially generations to come of the goodness of our God!

The organisation behind The Wall, have just released on video the amazing and miraculous story of how they obtained the land upon which it will be built… when they had no clear idea where it would be and no money! Watch and prepare to be amazed!

The story of the land is here!

The story of how we were given land is absolutely miraculous and we want it to reach as many people as possible. It would mean a great deal to us if you could do the following:

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