The Best Way to Eat an Elephant


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the whole coronavirus situation? What can little old you do to help? Do you seek to become a volunteer, if so who with? But, what if you need to self-isolate, are unwell or caring for others at this time? Maybe you time is taken up trying to find a shop with a stock toilet rolls!

Two simple thoughts:

1. PRAY. Ask Father God what you should do. He not only wants to hear from you, but to respond.

The response might come as a fleeting, increasing or confirmatory thought, maybe of a situation or someone you’ve previously had on your heart.

2. ACT on what you hear. Simple! Telephone, message, pray or take the practical step you have heard. Take that one step and REPEAT 1. Another step, your personal ‘volunteering’ opportunity is likely to open up.

An old African proverb comes to mind – How do you eat a whole elephant.., one bite at a time! And if many people are taking individual bites…?

(No harm is wished or implied to elephants!)

May The Lord direct your path at this unprecedented time… a time of real opportunity for us, The Church of Jesus Christ to BE the very Good News to our City and beyond,

David Gilbey
Chair CTiC