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Worship Creative – Beaulieu Community Centre – Sunday 24 Feb

From the Blog of St. Francis Community Church, Beaulieu, dated 4th February:

For the last two Sundays we’ve had a little experiment.

We set up various interactive installations in the community centre hall to help inspire prayer with a working title of “worship Creative” (needs work but it’ll do for now!)

A couple of us sat and sang in one corner to create a certain ambiance. People wandered the space, finding their own way, engaging with a bit of this and a bit of that…

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Come along this Sunday, 24th February and experience Church, but not as you may know it!

Beaulieu Community Centre, Beaulieu Square, Centenary Way, Chelmsford CM1 6AU

Bradwell Gathering and Pilgrimage – 6th July

Bradwell Pilgrimage has been running in one way, shape or form for nearly 100 years and gathers people from across Essex (and beyond) for a day of pilgrimage, worship and activities at the historic St Peter’s Chapel in Bradwell-on-Sea. (You can read more about the chapel here)

The 2019 Bradwell Pilgrimage and Gathering will take place on Saturday 6th July and will run from 10:30am until 3:45pm.

The details of the day are currently being finalised but you can expect:

  • A Pilgrimage walk, starting at St Thomas’ Church in Bradwell and arriving at St Peter’s Chapel for worship
  • Activities for the whole family (including children and young people)
  • Inspiring talks
  • A chance to experience the ‘thin place’ where St Cedd sailed down from Lindisfarne to share the message of Jesus with the East Saxons 1300 years ago 

Check out their website:

View and download the flyer/poster as a pdf document – click on the picture

National Call to Prayer – 28th March – by Christians in Government

Next month there is the latest in a number of recent National Prayer Initiatives, this time by Christians in Government. 

Will you join this latest Call? The Call to Prayer across our Nation is becoming a SHOUT!

National Call to Prayer- Christians in Government
National Call to Prayer is a vision, inspired by Christians in Government, to call God’s church across the UK to pray for the nation at this key moment of transition.

The vision is that all Christians, regardless of their denomination, political views and location in the UK come together to pray for the Nation – asking for God’s will to be done and for Him, as the good shepherd to guide and comfort our nation.

They are planning a National Day of Prayer on Thursday 28th March and to have a week of prayer surrounding it with four flagship events, with one 7-8pm in Parliament Square, London, and similar events in Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast.

Events can be hosted in villages, towns and cities across the UK on 28 March.

More details:

SYM – February News and Prayer Letter

Schools and Youth Ministries, (SYM), is a Chelmsford based organisation dedicated to providing a highly professional service which supports students and schools. They aim to help schools provide a broad, rich curriculum especially in the areas of social, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Click below to view or download their monthly newsletter for February 2019, as a PDF

Also, do check out their website: 

Prayer for Our City – this Thursday – you need to be there!

Everyone is welcome to join us this Thursday, 7.45pm for 8pm, at the Church of The Holy Spirit, Forest Drive, Chelmsford, CM1 2TS, to pray over our City.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been some exciting developments, that will be shared!…

… read more on the Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer Website – click here.


Strike the Ground – Day of Prayer for Britain – 26th Jan 2019

national day of prayer 260119

Let’s all Strike the Ground!

It is sometimes too easy to simply take a local view of what God wants to do, but through prayer, we are equally able to influence our Nation.

The following is a Message just received today, 18th January, from Adele Richards, Senior Leader, Catch the Fire Bournemouth, who promoted a Day of Prayer on 9th December 2108. A number of Chelmsford Christians took part in this. How about this time too?

‘Yesterday morning I received some strategy from the Lord during my prayer time.

Dr Sharon Stone prophesied in her word for the year that in 2019 there would be more National Days of Prayer and I was happy to see that David Hathaway had organised one for Saturday 26 January, as an event in Wembley with Lou Engle, Betty King, James Aladiran and others leading the prayer. But yesterday I realised that we (as NDOP) were supposed to be adding our voice to this and calling the whole nation to pray again on the date set by David Hathaway.

david hathaway's day of prayer 260119
Click on the picture above for more details and to book to pray at Wembley

The strategy is simply to encourage people to get along to Wembley Arena to pray together if they can, but if they can’t to pray and fast where they are…in homes, churches, prayer rooms…whatever they can organise at late notice.

So here I am again, sounding the trumpet to echo David Hathaway’s call to prayer. The verse I got was 2 Kings 13.18 where Elisha tells the King to strike the ground with the arrows. Had the king struck the ground enough times, Israel’s enemies would have been completely defeated.

I believe we need to unite again across the country in another national day of prayer on the 26th and in this way we strike the ground again and prepare the land for what God wants to do in Britain.

I appreciate this doesn’t leave you as a leader much time to communicate to your people or organise a prayer meeting…but perhaps you have prayer warriors in your church that could gather people in their home, or open up your church on that day.

Perhaps you have time to email the Facebook page to your people, here’s the link:

Thank you so much!


SYM – News and Prayer Letter

Schools and Youth Ministries, (SYM), is a Chelmsford based organisation dedicated to providing a highly professional service which supports students and schools. They aim to help schools provide a broad, rich curriculum especially in the areas of social, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

With their permission, we are glad to be able to provide a link to their new monthly News and Prayer Letter.

Click below to view or download the newsletter as a PDF

Click on picture to view

Also, do check out their website: 

Full Gospel Businessmen – FGB – Dinners



A ‘Chapter’ of the Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB), launched in Chelmsford summer 2017.

The FGB hold monthly dinner meetings, usually on the fourth Tuesday each month, 7pm for 7.30 pm, at the Saracen’s Head Hotel, High Street Chelmsford.

The dinners, open to both men and women, are where remarkable NEW LIFE stories are shared!

At the end of the evening there is an opportunity to receive prayer, especially for healing.

Dress code is informal and a two course meal, with tea or coffee is £15.

Details of each monthly meeting appear on our Events Directory – click here.

This month’s dinner

This month, on Tuesday 22nd January, FGB Chelmsford warmly invite you to their dinner where the speaker is Trevor Wilson.

As a plasterer and carpenter Trevor couldn’t find work in England and went to Germany, building a power station on the Rhine.  He enjoyed drink and drug binges in Amsterdam, struggling to overcome a ghost from the past. His first marriage failed, and his second wife was pregnant with twins. Maybe his life was finally coming together? Come along and hear Trevor’s story.

Contact Andy Parker on 07817 873562 or email to make a booking.

Chelmsford FGB on Facebook – click here

2018-03-27 21.07.18
Chelmsford Christian Roland Tann speaking at the April 2018 dinner of the FGB


Your Street Pastors need you!

Everybody just have a good time…

…but what happens when a great night out goes bad! Who is there to care?


Established in 2008, Chelmsford Street Pastors are now a familiar sight on the Chelmsford weekend nightlife scene. They are acknowledged as a force for good, not only by pubbers and clubbers, but also by the police, CCTV authorities and pub/club owners. Local authorities have commented that since the scheme started there has been a significant drop in the level of anti-social behaviour on Friday and Saturday evenings in Chelmsford – source

And not least, Street Pastors are the eyes, the ears, the hands of feet of Jesus Christ on our City’s streets, there to represent Him to those who work in and frequent our very different night time economy.

“Street Pastors is about Christians rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in practically responding to the problems of crime and safety. They are like beacons on our streets and I want to see them shining brightly in every constituency.” – David Burrowes, Patron of Ascension Trust, who are behind Street Pastors nationally.

Your Street Pastors need you!

Talking about Street Pastors at Life Church, Chelmsford… in both street and home pray-er uniforms!

As with many initiatives, lots of people initially become involved, but over time, they leave and ‘the few’ are left to soldier on.

Chelmsford Street Pastors are looking for new team members from the Christian Community in our City.

On the Street – Why not join them for for any period between 10pm and 4am one Friday or Saturday as an observer? No obligation, just see them in action! We think you will have your eyes opened to their amazing work!

In the Prayer Room – At their base, just off of the City Centre, they have other members of the team who stay and pray. Yet others remain at home, but all on the end of a telephone, to received up to the minute requests for prayer from the Pastors on the street. They would not go out without prayer back-up.

Get in touch now!

You do not need to make a weekly commitment – many of the Street Pastors volunteer just once a month. Age need not be a barrier – the oldest recruit in Chelmsford is in his 80’s AND goes out on the street! Full training will of course be given.

Simply email

As part of the Chelmsford Street Pastor Team, you WILL have a good time, and ensure that other’s remember their night out in Chelmsford for really good reasons!



Fairtrade – Buy locally at Central Baptist Church each Tuesday

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

With Fairtrade you have the power to change the world every day.

Buying Fairtrade is easy. There are over 4,500 Fairtrade products from coffee and tea to flowers and gold, so when you shop, look for the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Locally, several churches support Fairtrade and each Tuesday, 10.30 am to 2 pm, (except School Holidays), you can find a selection of fairly traded goods for sale at:

Central Baptist Church, Victoria Road South, Chelmsford, CM1 1LN 

Do drop-in!

Further information about Fair Trade at