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The Wall of Answered Prayer – the miracle of how they got the land

The Wall - location decal

Whilst we see many great things happening locally in our churches and communities, it is important and indeed encouraging to keep an eye the wider picture of what God is doing across the UK. So have you heard of the incredible vision to build in the West Midlands, in the centre of the UK, a major national landmark called, The Wall of Answered Prayer?

The design of The Wall has been decided and when constructed, it will be a place where the public can visit and using technology, have access to up to one million answered prayer, reminding all for potentially generations to come of the goodness of our God!

The organisation behind The Wall, have just released on video the amazing and miraculous story of how they obtained the land upon which it will be built… when they had no clear idea where it would be and no money! Watch and prepare to be amazed!

The story of the land is here!

The story of how we were given land is absolutely miraculous and we want it to reach as many people as possible. It would mean a great deal to us if you could do the following:

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Share the video with your friends, families, churches, and anyone else who needs to see this incredible story of God’s miraculous provision!

Christians Against Poverty – a CAP Centre for Chelmsford? Could you or your Church be involved?

Christians Against Poverty, CAP, is a National Christian Charity that helps people out of debt.

They are there to serve and equip your church to reach out to the poor and hurting of your community.

Several churches in our City run CAP Money Courses to give practical advice to groups of people about managing their finances, but a few years ago Chelmsford also had a CAP Debt Help Centre, that worked with individual clients to take them out of the chains of personal debt.

A new CAP Debt Help Centre for Chelmsford?

For several months, a small group of Christians from several of our Churches have been looking to re-establish a CAP Debt Help Centre here in the City.

A little money has come in for this together with some work on other ways of funding this, but a lead Church/Organisation and a Manager still needs to be identified as well as others who might be interested in being volunteer Debt Counsellors.

Could you or your Church become involved?

Could YOU or your Church potentially help in some way. Contact CTiC and we will pass you details on to the Team who are looking to develop things.

UK Coastal Prayer Chain – the most Beautiful sunny, warm day!

UK Costline Prayer Chain - frontWe previously helped to promote a vision for a UK Coastal Prayer Chain, by Chelmsford Christian, Jen Gaskin, to take place on Saturday 21st September 2019 – click here for what we said.

Well, it has happened, and here is Jen’s write up from the day.

If you took part, do add your experience and thoughts to this article in the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of this page.

UK Coastal Prayer ChaIn 210919 1

Saturday 21st finally arrived and was the most beautiful sunny warm day. Perfect for a UK Prayer Chain.
I cannot give any guess as to how many joined in, we put red dots on a map when people informed us where they would be standing and the South Coast was particularly well covered. Orkney Island was another good area and even the Shetland Isle had red dot or 2!  We have had some good feed back which has been so encouraging and exciting. I will now include a few of  these.
‘Folk from Shoeburyness, Essex, opened their Church and served free tea and coffee afterwards.’
‘We took flags and sang These are the Days of Elijah, blew shofars, read a prayer and had open prayer. It was a really good Holy Spirit moment.’
‘Well done for hearing God. It was certainly a care moment.’
‘We have started your Prayer chain tonight in Parliament. I felt it was significant that we were praying from Parliament Square. That life was being prayed throughout the body of the UK as a nation.’;
These are just a snippet. The full text from Parliament was very encouraging.
As we started to say the Lord`s Prayer at midday it felt very emotional, tearful even.  I, and others have said they felt the same.
We had reached the moment that God had led us to and were obediently and reverentially speaking out the Lord`s Prayer across the land and its people. What an awesome moment it was.
As I contacted different ministries I was left amazed at how many prayer meetings and conferences were happening on the 21st September, BUT many agreed to stop at midday and join with us in prayer even though they could not be on the coast.
I am acutely aware that without the help of many individuals, prayer groups, churches, Christian newspapers and radio stations, this mission could not have happened. God has, as always been faithful and doors have opened, often so exciting that I had to ring a friend and share what GOD had done on quite a few occasions.
I am so thankful to God for leading me, for being there every step of the way  and sincerely grateful to every person who has stood with me and believed that this was Gods will.
I was also sent a video which was an explanation of the Jewish year and its meaning.
‘Because of the partial eclipse in January it meant that there would be a birthing 9 months later which would take place on the 20/21 September’!
UK Coastal Prayer ChaIn 210919 2

Made for More (formerly Schools Youth Ministries) – Back to School Newsletter

Made for More, (formerly Schools and Youth Ministries, SYM), is a Chelmsford based organisation dedicated to providing a highly professional service which supports students and schools. They aim to help schools provide a broad, rich curriculum especially in the areas of social, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Click below to view or download a PDF of their Back to School September newsletter

Also, do check out their website: 

Prisons Week – a week of Prayer 13 – 19 October

Chelmsford Prison Fellowship and CTiC encourage you to get involved in praying during Prisons week. In particular of course pray for our own HMP & YOI Chelmsford.

More information and to download prayers you can use each day during the week – click here

‘He sets his people free. He made his agreement everlasting. He is holy and wonderful.’ Psalm 111:9 (NCV)

God’s will and intention for all his people is freedom – the freedom to be the people he created them to be. As Prison Chaplains we work with people who often find it hard to believe that God has any interest in them or their lives. They struggle with the concept that they are made in the image of God and do not dare to hope that they may have a future in God which does not involve crime, arrest and imprisonment. In the same way, those whose lives have been marred by crime and its effects, or whose work brings them into daily contact with its destructiveness, often struggle to see a new future in which the promise of freedom in Christ might be fulfilled.

This Prisons Week we give thanks that the freedom which God offers is available to all, even to those whose liberty has been temporarily or permanently taken away by society. As we pray together for all those who come into contact with the criminal justice system in any way, we share in that work of establishing God’s covenant of redemption – that each person, precious to God, might discover what freedom can truly mean for them.

The Ven. James Ridge, Chaplain General/Head of Faith Services, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service

Worshipping God in our City Council Chamber

On Friday 23rd August 2019, an event never before seen took place within the Chelmsford City Council Chamber in Duke Street.

Worship and Word, (See our advert for the event – click here), came about after a small group, some part of the city’s North Springfield Baptist Church, believed that God was asking them to hold a Christian Praise, Worship and Prayer event, right in the heart of Chelmsford.

Initially disappointed at being being turned down to use the area by the John Lewis store, discussions turned to the possibility of using the Cramphorn Theatre. However, being under refurbishment during August, the group were then offered none less than the Council Chamber itself. It is believed to be the very first time that a Christian event like this has taken place in the Chamber.

Rawlings Osagie, who spearheaded the event reported,

A night of worship and word! – around 50 people attended

There were declarations of the word of God and a call to worship!

It was a reminder of the authority and sovereignty of God in creation; His purpose, passion and zeal for the redemption of man; His effort and the work He has done through Christ that gives every man the opportunity to experience eternal life!

We were reminded that Jesus still deploys resources and still employs men today, in the business of the gospel. We were encouraged to arm ourselves with the weapons of war- the Holy Spirit and His word, for we have been redeemed and reassigned to the chief call- carrying His gospel to the nation! 

At a time when CTiC is seeking closer ties between the Christian and Civic Communities of Chelmsford, is working to see our City prosper and for the Light of the Gospel to shine out here ever more brightly, we believe this event and its timing, held in the very heart of our local government was very significant!

We are believing this will not the last event we shall see at our Council Offices.

City Prayer Spaces re-commence at The Cathedral this Wednesday

Prayer Spaces re-commence after the summer break, this Wednesday 11th September. Do come along!

Since 2015, Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer – now called City Prayer – has operated ‘portable Prayer Spaces’. These have periodically been set up at a number of the City’s Churches.

Currently, there are normally two per month at Chelmsford Cathedral in St. Peter’s Chapel, on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 11 am to 3 pm.

(Do however check our Events Directory to confirm before attending –  note there will not be one on Wed. 9th October).

Resources are set out to guide your prayers. All are very welcome to drop-in to pray for our City, Nation and World, or whatever is on your heart and to stay for as long as you are able.

More information about Prayer Spaces can be found on the City Prayer website – click  here

A Prayer from a Tired Church

Image result for asleep in churchSaturday just gone I was at a mens breakfast at North Springfield Baptist Church – not my home church – and we had a stimulating time of conversation about how often we fall short of the final words of Jesus before He ascended to heaven. (We looked at the last verses of Mark 16).

We were then presented with a powerful prayer entitled, ‘A Prayer from a Tired Church’, that the leader of our discussion had been strongly led to write for our morning together. He had never written a prayer like it before.

The Prayer reflects how as Christians, we must repent of living powerless and mediocre lives, reach out to The Holy Spirit and live under His power and anointing, using every opportunity to spread the Gospel message, not only in words but in demonstration!

We all felt that the Prayer was a most powerful and challenging reminder of our call to represent The Church, the Body of Christ in Chelmsford well. Together we read it aloud.

I have permission to reproduce the Prayer below and encourage you to use it to pray and declare over our City and Nation.

David Gilbey
Chair CTiC

A Prayer from a Tired Church

Lord, we represent our Country.
Which for so long has held You and Your precious Name as Head over every aspect of National life.
Yet now rejects You, foolishly believing it can succeed without You.
We are therefore destined for failure and Your righteous judgement.
Have mercy on us Lord!
May the people see the futility of their own ways and turn the hearts of many back to You.

Lord, we represent Your Church in the western world, especially the UK.
Slowed down to near-sleep.
Ever celebrating our own secure position.
Whilst “the fields are white unto harvest” and we should be urgently working with Your Holy Spirit to bring in the lost souls for whom You gave your life.
Finishing the task You gave us to do.

Lord, we represent your redeemed people in our locality.
In many ways not functioning well as Your Body in Chelmsford.
Have mercy Lord. Revive us Lord!
By Your Spirit open our spiritual eyes to see, as You see, both needs and
Empower us to speak and to live by Your anointing.
That Your Name May again be honoured, and many lives turned to You.

Be glorified in our midst Lord.

Introducing Transforming Essex and a meeting on Wed 18th Sept.

Transforming Essex

Essex is in God’s heart and He has great plans for our county. For some months a growing group of Christian leaders and influencers have been meeting, praying together and mulling over prophetic promises that Essex will have its reputation transformed by the power of Gods love.

God has called and appointed each of us to be ambassadors of His love and to extend His kingdom everywhere we place our feet. There is an invitation for you to become involved with this exciting journey of faith and to discover  what doors The Lord is opening for us all in Essex.

.An invitation to an evening meeting Wed 18th Sept.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you on the evening of September 18th. It will be the first of a series of regular evening meetings for people involved or interested in Transforming Essex to be together.

The aim is for these meetings to have a bit less structure than the  [previous] daytime meetings, allowing more space for the Holy Spirit to lead us and for us to connect with one another. As a taste of what to expect we’ll be sharing vision, celebrating stories, worshipping, praying, prophesying and following the Holy Spirit’s lead.

We have deliberately scheduled these evening meetings to enable people unable to make the daytime meetings to connected with the vision and activities of Transforming Essex.

If you know people who would be interested in the seeing the reputation of this county changed by the love of God, across all sections of society, then please let them know about this event and promote it in your churches.

Doors open at 7.30pm, for 8pm start, at Miracle House, 2 Silva Island Way, Wickford SS12 9NR

YumYums [cafe] will be open for refreshments.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

Blessings to you all,
Transforming Essex Team