Meeting Atheists, Sceptics and Evangelists in lockdown and beyond

Evangelism consultancy Summer update

Whilst locked down, what has Chelmsford man Nigel been up to with atheists, sceptics and the City’s Evangelists?

Here is an extract from his latest newsletter:

Meeting Atheists and Sceptics

In recent times, and certainly during lockdown, I have been concerned about my lack of interaction with people who are not Christians.  Yes, I meet regularly with a group of guys for a curry/quiz night (more quiz than curry online during lockdown).  Yes, Thursday night clapping for the NHS and essential workers meant we got to know our new neighbours much more but it still didn’t feel enough.  So I set up a new twitter account and started following a number of people with names such as Atheist forum, Sceptic City and Judas Carrot (you might need to say that one out loud)…

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