May I give you a small gift – a Cross?

On the evening of 6th June, Christians from around the City had an opportunity to discover more about City Vision at Chelmsford’s Life Church and to be part of an ongoing conversation about what it could all mean for Chelmsford. Read more – click here.

The Cross – a simple but profound witness

Amongst the graphs, the charts, the processes and strategies to be explored,  at our meeting founder of City Vision, Tony Hodges, spoke of a strategy most simple.

For the last three years, Tony has carried with him small two inch high wooden crosses. They have the word ‘Believe’ and the Bible reference, John 3:16 on one side and when The Holy Spirit prompts, Tony gives them to people in places he visits, such as businesses, shops, restaurants, hotels and to people in the street.

The cross is an enduring symbol of Jesus’ love and sacrifice to us all and these small wooden crosses have proved a real conversation starter touching many who have received them.

May I give you a small gift?

Watch this short video of Tony Hodges talking about the crosses and the impact one had on a hotel cleaner.

Crosses for Chelmsford

Surely we could all engage with this?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our City was known as the place where you can receive the message of Jesus’ love by the giving of a cross?

City Prayer, formerly Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer, who work closely with CTiC have recently obtained from City Vision a supply of these small wooden crosses.

At present, our simple aim is to spread the word and place these crosses in the hands of local Christians to encourage participation and see what God does with them.

We have obtained around five hundred crosses, but already about two hundred have been purchased by local Christians who attended our recent City Prayer meeting!

If you would like some of these crosses, (they cost us 20 pence each), or to discuss this initiative further – please contact CTiC Chair and City Prayer Leader, David Gilbey –