CTiC AGM – Sun 13th October 2019

Chelmsford – a City of Communication of the Gospel? Here’s Marconi’s very first radio workshop in Mildmay Road/Hall Street – you can see the spire of Life Church, our AGM venue, further along the road.

Communicating a vision for our city

The 2019 CTiC AGM will be held, 3pm, Sunday 13th October, at Life Church, Hall Street, CM2 0HG.

Our time together will very much be a time to explore and communicate vision of what we see The Lord doing and wanting to do in our City.

We invite all the Christians of our City, leaders and ‘grassroots’ alike to find out more. There will be envisioning and motivating talks from local Christian leaders and influencers and opportunity for praise and worship and not least prayer.

The Speakers for this year

Apart from members of the CTiC Team, we will have several speakers who will impart short and insightful thoughts and vision:

Rev. Dennis Pethers, leader of international ministry, The Rooftop. For many years, Dennis ran youth ministry Viz-a -Viz, which at one time had a great impact in Chelmsford. Dennis is passionate to see people ‘Joining Jesus in His Mission’.

Dave PYE, Chair of Made for More, (the new name of SYM, Chelmsford’s Schools Youth Ministries),whose team work in many of our senior schools, providing mentoring and support to students.


Patrick Regan OBE, CEO of Kintsugi Hope, a Chelmsford based UK wide charity who are striving to make a difference to people’s mental health.


The journey of CTiC

For the last two years or so, CTiC has become much more relational in the way we partner with the Christians of our City – the churches, para-church organisations and individually. We do not so much represent them, but aspire to champion, promote and be a catalyst to all The Lord is doing through each.

We want to see The Church, God’s Ekklesia in Chelmsford, together ‘As One’, friends, in partnership joining with Jesus in His mission here!

During 2019, we have started a more intentional journey to engage with the City itself, which included in June, our City Prayer Breakfast. Following this, opportunities to engage with the City Council are opening up.

We would like to see CTiC become a real ‘doorway’ between the Christian community and community at large in Chelmsford, signposting and bringing understanding between the two, so we can all serve our City better and at the same time see more of the light of the gospel message shine out to our streets and communities.

David Gilbey
Chair CTiC