Does Jesus still bring healing today?

Does Jesus still heal today? A testimony from CTiC Chair, David Gilbey and an opportunity to discover for yourself next week!:

‘Over a week ago, the wife of a close friend of mine had a serious surgical procedure to her jaw. She had since been in pain, unable to open or move her mouth properly and had found it almost impossible to take in even liquid food by straw.

Last Sunday at Church, she was explaining the situation. As she spoke I felt what I can best describe as a tangible ‘rush’ of faith and felt compelled to pray for her. I made a declarative prayer for her ability to eat to be restored.

The next morning, I got the following message from my friend:

‘Praise God! … [my wife] got up this morning suddenly realising she can now open her mouth wide. Eating, albeit still no solids will be without hindrance. Likewise, she will now be able to clean her teeth. Pain is practically zero. Thank you Jesus…! This is important to both of us as I go away to college today for the week knowing she is so much better. We are overjoyed with this surprise even with our own measures of faith. What was a dark prognosis is turning out to be a victory for Jesus!”

Flame of Revival

7.30 pm, Friday 20th March at the URC, Great Baddow -all are very welcome.