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The House of Retreat is situated at the edge of a small, moated village in the heart of the Essex countryside and is a place of prayer, space and quiet reflection.

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Sunday 14th June 2020
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Tue 3 Sep 09:30 till 16:00
▶Three views, Priestly, Prophetic & Wise - One Creator God - led by Revd Dr Janet Tollington
▼Three views, Priestly, Prophetic & Wise - One Creator God - led by Revd Dr Janet Tollington
A focus on God as Creator drawing on 3 distinct Old Testament traditions, Priestly (Genesis 1), Prophetic (Isaiah 40-48) and Wisdom (Job 28, 38-41). Revd Dr Janet Tollington - after a career in the police service and a short period in retailing Janet trained for the Baptist Ministry and was ordained in 1989. In 1994 she moved to Westminster College, Cambridge (United Reformed Church) to teach Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew in the Cambridge Theological Federation until she retired in July 2016. She has taught adults at every level from interested lay Christians to doctoral students and remains active leading worship and learning events for the church. She delights in working with mixed groups of people, exploring the meaning of the Old Testament for Christians in today's world.
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Wed 25 Sep 09:30 till 16:00
▶Angel Voices - led by Patrick Craig
▼Angel Voices - led by Patrick Craig
Join us for a day exploring the world of angels - what they do, their role in the bible and the music they've inspired. Patrick Craig is a Countertenor Vicar Choral at St Paul's Cathedral, who also directs choirs, leads courses and lectures on theology and music.
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Tue 8 Oct 18:00
Thu 10 Oct 14:00
▶Missionary to the Arts - led by Andy Kind
▼Missionary to the Arts - led by Andy Kind
We were created to be creative. The gifts we have are there to be used, but so many of us see our creative and artistic dreams crushed or even cursed by faulty messages from within and without the church. This retreat is for anyone who wants to meet the creator through the creative, but it's particularly for people who have felt their creative or artistic callings and dreams got lost somewhere along the way. Andy Kind is a comedian, preacher and writer, who has made people laugh around the world for the last 15 years. He loves seeing people's minds change about who they were born to be, by using the creative to point to the Creator. He also loves seeing people bring him whiskey and meat.
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Sat 12 Oct 09:30 till 15:30
▶A Quiet Day
▼A Quiet Day
With Valerie Quinlivan
God in All Things:
Christ is in the Everyday as well as in the transcendent. Meditation helps to ground us in the reality of the present moment, as well expanding our consciousness to embrace the universal.
Please bring a packed lunch Donation £10
Tea & coffee provided
Please contact:Val Hilsley for bookings: valhilsley@btinternet.com
Phone Number: 01245 472685
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Tue 22 Oct 09:30 till 16:00
▶The Romantic God - led by Bishop Trevor Mwamba
▼The Romantic God - led by Bishop Trevor Mwamba
Embracing God's love in prayer. It's a reflection on prayer. Bishop Trevor Mwamba is Vicar of Barking, St Margaret's, and Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Chelmsford, he was formerly Bishop of Botswana.
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Sun 24 Nov 18:00
Tue 26 Nov 14:00
▶The Grace of Waiting - led by Margaret Whipp Advent Retreat
▼The Grace of Waiting - led by Margaret Whipp Advent Retreat
Waiting is never easy. This weekend points the way for anyone who finds themselves in a time of waiting, chosen or unchosen, inviting them to learn and embrace the gifts of patience. Margaret Whipp is a former consultant oncologist, a priest and pastoral theologian, who works in hospital chaplaincy and spiritual direction in Oxford.
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Thu 28 Nov 09:30 till 16:00
▶Being the Church in Three Dimensions - led by Dr Ian Paul Advent Quiet Day
▼Being the Church in Three Dimensions - led by Dr Ian Paul Advent Quiet Day
Although we live in a particular social context, theologically we have (since Pentecost) lived 'between the ages', living in the light of Jesus' ascension and awaiting his return. The Book of Revelation challenges us to live in this time with discipline, facing suffering, but shape by the worship of God as we anticipate that the best is yet to be. Dr Ian Paul studied maths and worked in business before training for ordination in Nottingham and completing a PhD on the metaphorical language of the Book of Revelation. After ten years in parish ministry, and another ten in theological education, he now works freelance teaching, writing and speaking. He is a member of the General Synod and the Archbishops' Council, and is Adjunct Professor in New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary.
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