CTEEL AGM and update about Chelmsford

Major Norman Ord, outgoing Chair of CTEEL starting the mornings proceedings

Some of the CTiC Team were able to be at the Churches Together in Essex and East London AGM today, held at Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford.

It was wonderful to hear so much talk around unity, prayer and mission – joining together As One, to see the Kingdom of God come to our region.

Check out the new CTEEL website here: http://www.cteel.org.uk

Amongst a number of speakers CTiC Chair, David Gilbey, was invited to give a five minute update about what The Lord is doing in Chelmsford. Here is what he said:

Autumn 1967, age 5, I received a book token, a Grade 1 with honours award for 49/49 weeks attendance at Chelmsford Elim Church Sunday School. My mother and I went and purchased, The Big Wheel and The Little Wheel.

A fairground came to town, a small cog wheel fell from a truck and was found by a little boy, Philip.   With his elderly neighbour, Mr Jackson, they went to the fairground site, where a number of men stood by a stationary Ferris wheel, scratching their heads.

With the little wheel fitted into the mechanism, Philip and Mr Jackson got an exciting complimentary ride! The story ends:

They went up, and up, and up. They went higher than the trees They went higher than the birds. They went up so high that the town looked like a drawing and the red buses on the road looked like little models….

…”There you are,” said the man “If you hadn’t found our little wheel Big Wheel wouldn’t have worked… I’ve been flying,” said Philip. “Flying. I was flying, Mr Jackson.” I was flying with you,” said Mr Jackson. “What a day. The little wheel and the Big Wheel.”

Christians Together in Chelmsford exists to see The Kingdom of God come to our City. Everyone here, grassroots to leadership is a significant cog in God‘s Big ‘Kingdom wheel’. Young and old or in-between, we each have an equal and crucial God ordained part to play.

Our foundation is unity in The Spirit, love both for God and one another that will, as in John 13, attract and cause people here to know that we are followers of Jesus. CTiC is increasingly relational, as The Lord leads, in particular developing and facilitating friendships with and between leaders and influencers.

We aspire to see ‘The Church’ in our City, not individual churches and that instead of simply inviting people to come to us and our meetings and events, that we increasingly leave our buildings and be the leaven, the salt, bringing light into every dark corner here.

Chelmsford is the birthplace of radio, when, in 1899 Marconi opened his first radio works. In 1920 – 100 years next year – the first commercial broadcast from Chelmsford was heard across the Atlantic, We strongly believe that The Lord has purposed Chelmsford, England’s newest City to be a place of broadcast of the Good News of Jesus out to our nation and world.

To that end and only this year, we were introduced to and are currently journeying with two organisations:

National organisation – City Vision, whose Christian businessman founder carries a vision to Disciple our Nation by Discipling its Cities. Part of their strategy is to facilitate connections between people of peace in a City – those in The Church with those in Business, Civic life, Third sector and Education.

We have a Conference Sat 2nd Nov. God’s Vision for Cities at Life Church – leaflets available – and the day before as an example of how this is already happening, a group from City Vision, two from the USA involved in City transformation globally and some of our Christian leaders and influencers will be meeting with several City Councillors, our Council Chief Executive and others in positions of influence here.

Global Ministry – The Rooftop, headed up by local man Rev. Dennis Pethers – who formally ran Viz-a Viz  -a youth ministry operating both in Chelmsford and nationally.

The Rooftop facilitates Rooftop Encounters, taking groups of Christian leaders to high places – buildings, even mountains if you have one! – to overlook their cities for a paradigm changing  encounter with God…

…rather like in my book, Philip and Mr Jackson high up on the Big Wheel – seeing  their City from a different perspective, looking down and upon and across their town, seeing it differently, globally, just as God does, across and through parish, estate and the other artificial boundaries we apply.

This is so together church leaders may join Jesus in His Citywide mission – not as so often, asking Him to join our individual ones, worthy though many will be!

The Rooftop, together with CTiC  have just started the planning for a Chelmsford Rooftop encounter, and indeed several throughout Mid to South Essex.  The date is 30 May 2020 – Saturday before Pentecost – Watch this Space – some of you might well find yourselves involved!

This will lead to a Global Rooftop 10 October 2020, in faith to involve 100 nations, which will be launched from Chelmsford

Chelmsford, will be broadcasting again across the nations – exactly 100 years after Marconi – and this time the message will be of Jesus Mission – the Great Commission – rippling across the nation and across the world!