A Prayer from a Tired Church

Image result for asleep in churchSaturday just gone I was at a mens breakfast at North Springfield Baptist Church – not my home church – and we had a stimulating time of conversation about how often we fall short of the final words of Jesus before He ascended to heaven. (We looked at the last verses of Mark 16).

We were then presented with a powerful prayer entitled, ‘A Prayer from a Tired Church’, that the leader of our discussion had been strongly led to write for our morning together. He had never written a prayer like it before.

The Prayer reflects how as Christians, we must repent of living powerless and mediocre lives, reach out to The Holy Spirit and live under His power and anointing, using every opportunity to spread the Gospel message, not only in words but in demonstration!

We all felt that the Prayer was a most powerful and challenging reminder of our call to represent The Church, the Body of Christ in Chelmsford well. Together we read it aloud.

I have permission to reproduce the Prayer below and encourage you to use it to pray and declare over our City and Nation.

David Gilbey
Chair CTiC

A Prayer from a Tired Church

Lord, we represent our Country.
Which for so long has held You and Your precious Name as Head over every aspect of National life.
Yet now rejects You, foolishly believing it can succeed without You.
We are therefore destined for failure and Your righteous judgement.
Have mercy on us Lord!
May the people see the futility of their own ways and turn the hearts of many back to You.

Lord, we represent Your Church in the western world, especially the UK.
Slowed down to near-sleep.
Ever celebrating our own secure position.
Whilst “the fields are white unto harvest” and we should be urgently working with Your Holy Spirit to bring in the lost souls for whom You gave your life.
Finishing the task You gave us to do.

Lord, we represent your redeemed people in our locality.
In many ways not functioning well as Your Body in Chelmsford.
Have mercy Lord. Revive us Lord!
By Your Spirit open our spiritual eyes to see, as You see, both needs and
Empower us to speak and to live by Your anointing.
That Your Name May again be honoured, and many lives turned to You.

Be glorified in our midst Lord.